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Ewan McGee was born on the same day as fellow writer Charles Dickens. Only 168 years later. Otherwise this would be a whole different website. Like Charles Dickens, he became a journalist at age 21 without bothering to study the whole affair at university first. Unlike Dickens, he went on to write mainly about music and movies, and interviewed anything from a lion tamer and a 90-year-old circus clown to Hollywood stars, best-selling authors and Grammy-winning musicians. Since the age of 24, Ewan McGee has been mostly working as a freelance writer. During that time he has lived and worked both in London, England, and in Munich, Germany.

After finishing his “training novel” SONGS OF CLARE, he started working on the near-future-fiction novel THIS WAY LIES MAYHEM in late 2010, which was published in October 2013. He currently tweets @Ewan_McGee, posts pictures on Instagram (also @Ewan_McGee), creates digital artworks for fun, and – when he is not busy with all of the above or with writing about himself in the third person – is working on his next novel(s).

Ewan McGee ... when he is not writing, he is only half a person

Ewan McGee … when he is not writing, he is only half a person