Had I not become a writer, I might have become a graphic designer. There was a time – when I was around 20 – when it could have gone either way. Considering I can’t draw by hand to save my life, it’s probably better I went down the writing path back then. Still, the love for graphic design stayed with me over the years. Since then, it has become a near-meditative activity, the results of which I’ve mostly kept to myself in the past. This has now changed. While doing these pieces remains non-commercial, I decided to make my website a place where I showcase some of the artworks.

All of the designs I upload here are originally done as full-size, print resolution “posters”, in case I ever decide to have them printed and hang them (or rather a selection of them) on my walls. What you can see on here are smaller versions, better suited for the web. Occasionally that means that a few details get lost or don’t come out as well as they do in full size. But you’ll get the idea of the overall design even in the smaller web versions.

New designs, in various categories, will be added over time.