music poster HANNAH TRIGWELL by Ewan McGee

There is something about independent artists that always makes me root for them a little more than for artists who are under contract at a big label. Maybe I just love a good underdog story. Maybe I just like untainted talent going its own way, rather than being chewed up by the system.

Either way, English singer-songwriter Hannah Trigwell is one of the indie musicians I’ve been rooting for since the time she was still making videos of cover songs in her bedroom. She has long outgrown that, but I’m not rooting any less for this exceptional talent now than I did back then. Now that she is putting out her songs through her own label, TeaPot Records, I probably do so even more than ever before. So of course there had to be a Trigwell “poster” in my first batch of music-themed designs.

In this small version for the web, one of the details from the original, larger version is almost lost. It’s definitely very difficult to make out. But that’s not taking away from the overall design.

To check out Hannah’s music, go to hannahtrigwell.com

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