music poster MEGAN WASHINGTON by Ewan McGee

If you know absolutely nothing about Australian musician Megan Washington, you should know that she has given one of the most amazing TED Talks ever. Certainly my personal favourite (check it out here). It completely changed the way I perceive stuttering.

Of course there is more to know about her. The short and skinny: Very talented singer-songwriter. The link to find out more is down below.

As far as this particular design is concerned, it almost magically came out of two different drafts. Together with the title of one of Megan’s songs – Who Are You (off her 2014 album There There) – these two separate designs merged into this split-personality-themed piece. Good thing I have the hi-res version – this is definitely going to end up on one of the walls around my place.

To check out Megan’s music, go to

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