What is more relaxing than getting lost for a few hours in the creation of an artwork or listening to the music of some of your favourite artists? Correct: Getting lost for a few hours in the creation of an artwork based on one of your favourite artists while listening to their music. Once I started doing these “poster” designs, the music theme was really a no-brainer. And these six designs are only the first in what will be a long list of designs based on musicians and bands whose music I love.

There is somewhat of an indie vibe in these five pieces, although, technically, you can’t call all of them independent artists. While Kina Grannis, Hannah Trigwell and Addie Hamilton and pretty much the definition of independent artist, Megan Washington, Passenger and Hozier aren’t quite that indie. What five of the six definitely have in common is that their artworks feature a style or technique I first used in POND LIFE. And while it comes through a lot better in these artworks than it did there, it only really shines in the full-scale versions because the lines are much cleaner and the division between the colours is clearer. The one stylistic exception in this batch is the KINA GRANNIS piece, which uses a more traditional three-colour stencil technique. Why? I have no idea. When I do these pieces, I simply go where the design process takes me. After all, the whole point of doing them is not to think too much and just let go.

If you’re curious about the actual music of any of the amazing artists featured in these pieces, click through to the music section. On the individual pages for the pieces, you’ll find links to their websites. They are all worth checking out.

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