music poster PASSENGER by Ewan McGee

It’s always unfair to compare one artist to another, especially one of the alltime greats. But if there is such a thing as a contemporary Bob Dylan, it’s Mike “Passenger” Rosenberg. His brand of indie folk rock/pop simply is in a league of its own.

His music is a huge part of the writing soundtrack of one of my upcoming novels (working title Danse Macabre). But even outside my writing I listen to anything from All The Little Lights to Whispers II a lot.

In this artwork, two songs off the 2014 album Whispers came together to inspire this one piece. It’s easy enough to spot which ones. Of course the irony of doing the exact thing Passenger warns about in Scare Away The Dark by working on this piece or by hacking away on my keyboard for hours until late at night while listening to Passenger songs is not lost on me. But sometimes there is no getting away from life’s ironies, is there?

To check out Passenger’s music, go to

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