Of course THIS WAY LIES MAYHEM is not going to be the only/last novel from yours truly. If you follow me on Twitter or used to read the old blog, you might have come across the names of two or more titles that are currently work-in-progress. ‘What’s up with those, McTardy?’ I hear you asking through the magic of the interwebs. Well, here is the skinny.

There currently are two books at the point where they only need some more editing. And that’s where they have been at for a while now. On Twitter, you might have read the working title Danse Macabre. You might also have read the ever-changing working titles of the other novel:

  • Dynamite And A Few Buckets Of Paint
  • Fire We Burn
  • Ctrl.Alt.Del.
  • The Eyes Of The Neon Gods
  • Winner Loses All
  • Survival Of The Sickest
  • We Created A Monster
  • The Paper Mountains We Built
  • Built To Be Broken
  • My Empire Of Dirt
  • Friends With The Monster
  • Now I Am Become Death…
  • … The Destroyer Of Worlds
  • The Girl Who Chased The Rabbit

Both of these are pretty close to being ready for publication. Thing is, 2015 was a troubled year, marked by personal tragedies with long-lasting consequences, putting a big damper on any creative endeavours or plans. Sometimes, writing fiction can be an escape from reality. And sometimes reality kicks your shin and shows you that it is impossible to be escaped from, forcing you to put other things on the back-burner.

For 2016, the plan is to finally make time to finish Danse Macabre and the other novel, and then look into the exact format of publishing them (very likely independent publishing again, the same as with THIS WAY LIES MAYHEM. And then there are two more books – Rock’n’Roll Queen (WT) and We Could Be Heroes (WT) – already begging to be written as well.

For updates, keep checking into the feed over on Twitter @Ewan_McGee. Of course you can also just drop by Twitter for chat. Or my random tweets about music. Or the cookie recipes.

Catch you on the flip side,

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